DOTLAKE's Cyber Threat API is responsible for extracting and storing data from the deep web, darknets, criminal forums and ransomsites so you can monitor and analyze all your assets.

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Enhance your cybersecurity intelligence system with our API. Dotlake makes it easy for you to access millions of data collected daily. Take advantage of this tool to boost your detection and monitoring capabilities, gaining valuable information about threats and online activities that would otherwise be difficult to track. Your team will be able to analyze all this data, speeding up your response time to any threat.

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Threat Hunting-

Threat hunting works by combining the human element with the big data processing power of a software solution. Dotlake CTA is here to give you access to all the data from the various sources so that your team, once equipped with it, can scour your systems for potential risks, suspicious activity in your sector or triggers that deviate from the norm.
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Digital Surveillance

Keep all important assets monitored and detect if any of them are at risk. Dotlake CTA optimizes the time spent searching within those sources so that the cybersecurity team's resources spend time analyzing the existence of a potential breach or threat. In addition, Dotlake CTA will reduce false alarms thanks to its entity recognition and high quality data.
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VAP/Brand Protection

A cyber attack can have very serious consequences for companies. It can cause significant reputational damage and irreversible loss of customers. That's why Dotlake CTA makes it easy for you to monitor those assets, people or companies and try to prevent a much bigger disaster...
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Digital Forensics

This branch is in charge of determining the chain of events that took place and gathering all the evidence of the communications that existed at the time the cyber-attack happened (data theft, security breaches...). Dotlake CTA helps you to find that information so that forensic analysts can investigate and analyze why it happened, how it happened, evidence the evidence, as well as detect possible past vulnerabilities...
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Maximize your reach by getting the most relevant information on cybercrime!


Track source information with enriched entities, including IP addresses, email addresses, credit cards and more...preventing false-positives.


Constantly gathering information and improving crawling capabilities to reach millions of hard-to-reach sites.


API response gives you all the information about authors, threads and posts to easily recreate the context of the threat.


Automate queries and integrate information into your own system thanks to its structured response for all sources.

Data sources...

Curated Cyber Crime Data Sources

Access to a constantly updated and selected list of cybercrime data sources. Historical data (even from forums that are already closed) and in real time from hard-to-reach parts of the Internet where cybercrime activity occurs, sale of stolen data (cards, credentials, etc...), companies that are extorted for the recovery of these, etc...

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